Why Bother With Positive Affirmations?

The thoughts you hold in your subconscious mind can significantly influence your success in life. Most of us have grown up in the world of negativity. We have received negative teachings about things in life from our friends, our relatives, and even from the media. Some of these negatives beliefs, for example, are like money is the cause of all evil, you lose your friends when you become rich e.t.c. These and other beliefs towards life prevent us you from attracting great things into our life. The good thing is that all these ideas can be modified.

An old man once asked this intriguing question. “If I start saying positive stuff to myself, won’t that make me delusional, particularly when I don’t think of them being true?” Now, do you think that this is interesting? Many of us tell things to ourselves or about ourselves continuously. For example, you may say, “I am stupid!” “I am always Clumsy!” “I always make stupid decisions!” And we tell ourselves these things so often until we start accepting them as FACTs. In reality, these are deceptions that we tell to ourselves. However, even if you know something is untrue, and continue repeating it to yourself more often. Eventually, you’ll start believing that it is true. This notion is particularly the case when a lot of emotion is fed into these thoughts as the case when we speak negative things to ourselves. Something that you don’t know, a negative self-talk comes in combination with a feeling of frustration, anger, resentment humiliation, etc. And often, it amounts to depression. All these emotions allow the self-talk to infiltrate the subconscious mind and they are hard to change.

According to Sherman & Cohen, (2006), “Many of these psychological adaptations can be thought of as defensive in nature, insofar as they alter the meaning of the event in a way that shields people from the conclusion that their beliefs or actions were misguided”( p.4.) Reciting these opinions over and over again is similar to seasoning meat. Think about rubbing seasoning toward a piece of meat and possibly even causing small incisions to help the seasoning penetrate farther into the flesh, as you impart flavor. However, your herbs and spices are bitter and pungent that when you taste the ready meat, it is not delicious.

The Benefits of Daily Affirmation

· You start becoming aware of your everyday words and thoughts hence decreasing the risk of letting in negative thoughts.

· You start getting more motivated in your life.

· Your life starts to get surrounded by things that are beneficial to you hence bringing more gifts and blessings.

· A daily practice contributes to keeping the small things track of smalls things and keeping them in perspective, and appreciate them.

· Positive affirmation boosts your health.

· Positive affirmation makes you keep focused on things that can help you.

· Writing positive affirmations help you remain in a perpetual state of gratitude.

· If you are going to replace the negative self-talk with positive affirmations on a daily basis and utilising positive affirmations more often, you will begin the progressive process of the re-conditioning the subconscious part of your brain.


The recovery work will take time, a lot of patience, and attention to detail. Once accomplished, it will not only produce enormous satisfaction to you, but it will also bring benefits to your life. So, persevere with your positive affirmations and finally they will get deep-rooted into the sub-conscious mind. The reward will be an improved self-image plus an abundant life.