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When You’re Struggling To Meditate

You’ve probably heard it, know about it, or have tried it at some point. Meditation is a great way to calm your mind, listen to your inner voice and gain focus. It can be challenging at times though, especially when you are starting out. If you’re anything like me, you find it hard to turn […]

Money is Abundant. Time is Limited. How are you spending it?

There is a prevailing fear in our society of not having enough. Falling short. Being without. It’s an idea that is programmed into us from our parents, peers, and out of the natural human tendency to focus on the negative rather than positive. There is nothing wrong with money, and there is nothing wrong with […]

3 Tips To Mastering Social Anxiety

Social anxiety can be crippling for many people. By definition we all have it to some degree. As humans we have a need to interact with others and feel approval by those around us. It becomes a problem when we inhibit our own personal growth becoming anxious over what others think. If you find yourself […]

When You Are Feeling Confused About Your LIife Direction

We all experience tough times in our lives. Times of confusion. Times of upset. Times where we don’t know the correct path to travel. Most of us believe there is something greater than us out there. A higher power to call upon when we need direction or comfort. Either God, the universe, or even our […]

I Am Not A Victim Of Mind Chatter. I Live In The Present

There are 3 rules to living fully. 1. Forgive 2. Realise “you are enough” 3. Be present Being present means not dwelling on the past or future. Take each moment as it comes. Each moment is special. Each moment is worth your full attention. We can often miss out on life’s great experiences because we […]

Life Lesson: Surrender Is More Powerful Than Control

This is such a seemingly simple phrase which can be taken so lightly but has so much potential to change your life. “Surrender is more powerful than control.” My revelation of this came to me after exploring forgiveness, seeking direction for my life, and trying to figure out who I am and what I am […]

Why Bother With Positive Affirmations?

The thoughts you hold in your subconscious mind can significantly influence your success in life. Most of us have grown up in the world of negativity. We have received negative teachings about things in life from our friends, our relatives, and even from the media. Some of these negatives beliefs, for example, are like money […]

How To Be Decisive When Your Emotions Are Taking Over

We all face this problem at some point in our lives, especially in relationships. When emotions are involved it makes it hard to think clearly and make decisions. Here are a few tips to help you come up with the right decision. Think about what your friends would suggest you do from their third person […]

How To Change Your Reality By Identifying Your Thought Patterns

What happens to us in life is not what is “happening to us” at all. There is no point blaming or pointing the finger at someone or something else for our misfortunes. We have the ability as highly potential beings to create the most wonderful experiences for ourselves in our lifetime, or alternatively fill our […]