When You’re Struggling To Meditate

You’ve probably heard it, know about it, or have tried it at some point. Meditation is a great way to calm your mind, listen to your inner voice and gain focus. It can be challenging at times though, especially when you are starting out.

If you’re anything like me, you find it hard to turn off the noise that is in your head.

Here’s a tip: Search YouTube for “guided meditation” and you will find numerous videos which you can listen to and help get you into that zen state.

Some videos have people talking over calming music. Use these to learn about different ways to think or focus while you are meditating. I like the business and life success ones. There are a lot that focus on that.

Typically I lie down on my bed with palms facing up and get comfortable. I put my earphones in which cuts out all external noise distractions, load YouTube on my phone, and close my eyes.

The two that I am enjoying at the moment focus on a particular audio frequency. There is a lot of research and science behind these frequencies which is fascinating. I am enjoying the sounds of these two audio’s and I find they really do work for me. They aren’t just a solid tone either like you may think. It’s definitely not boring to listen to.

The first one I listen to in the morning or during the day before I get into work. It’s called DNA Upgrade. The frequency is 528Hz which is called the miracle frequency. It’s only 20 minutes long which is perfect for getting into the habit of meditation and giving yourself a relatively quick boost of focus and clarity.

The second audio focuses on the frequency of 432Hz and is a sleep meditation audio. This one is an hour in length but I’m not sure I’ve ever been conscious until the end of the audio. I find it puts me into a deep sleep very quickly. I usually wake up some time during the night with my earphones still in.

Try listening to these audio files for yourself and see if they make a difference for you. It’s best to try these over a period of time rather than just once off. It may take you some time to appreciate it and get into the vibe.

Write your comments below on what you experience while listening to these audio’s. I noticed when I first started that after listening to the 528Hz audio I could feel my arms and fingers vibrating for a good 10 minutes after. It was as if the audio tuned my body into the frequency to the point I could physically feel it. Take notice of the small things. Don’t write them off. It all means something.

Money is Abundant. Time is Limited. How are you spending it?

There is a prevailing fear in our society of not having enough. Falling short. Being without. It’s an idea that is programmed into us from our parents, peers, and out of the natural human tendency to focus on the negative rather than positive.

There is nothing wrong with money, and there is nothing wrong with having lots of it. Abundance is a wonderful thing, but more importantly is to realise that you have limited time on this earth, and although money is important, it’s not most important. Why spend all your time chasing money only to miss out on experiencing your greater calling.

[ctt template=”6″ link=”LbtW5″ via=”no” ]”Chasing money and missing out on life. What a waste.” – Mike Leembruggen[/ctt]

Figuring out your purpose on this earth and why you are here is something most of us don’t focus enough attention on. In my time of figuring those things out there is a constant nagging thought in the back of my mind that I need to start making money again. What if I run out. How long can I go like this. What should I pursue right now so that I am financially secure. It’s all based on fear.

The problem with those thoughts is that they delay me from my ultimate purpose. If I have the mindset that money is abundant. Money can be created easily, then I have no need to worry about it. My thoughts create reality around me. What is limited is time. Time waits for no one, so the time I spend worrying about money is time I lose not seeking, waiting, listening and hearing from the universe and my inner self.

If I can learn to listen, and be patient, then money will flow If I operate in my true purpose.

The focus here is on reducing your internal pressure to make money now when there are bigger things in life to get sorted out first. The irony is that when you figure those things out, money, abundance, happiness and all good things will naturally flow.

[ctt template=”6″ link=”OI5Nb” via=”yes” ]”The pursuit of money leads us into a trap. It is much better to be without money than to be without purpose.” – Mike Leembruggen @mikeleembruggen[/ctt]

What is your purpose? Why are you here on this earth?

If you don’t get that right, then you are living life in busyness rather than on purpose. We all need money to survive in this modern world, but how much is enough? What if you could take the focus off money and put your focus on your higher purpose? What if once you did that, you wouldn’t have to strive so hard for money to come into your life. What if it just naturally flowed to you and success was just natural. It is a potential reality if you choose it.

That’s what we are aiming for here. If you are at a point in your life where you have a chance to take some time out, and spend time figuring out your ultimate purpose. TAKE IT. Don’t stress about the money. Don’t let your family, peers, or your mind sabotage you into short changing yourself. If you truly believe that money will flow, it will. If you seek the answers to why you are here, you will find them.

There is no greater purpose than to figure out why you are on this earth and how you are meant to impact this world.

What is the greater loss? Money or Time? Which can you not get more of?

If you are still reading this, take encouragement that you are on the right path. Money is not the most important thing you need right now.


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3 Tips To Mastering Social Anxiety

Social anxiety can be crippling for many people. By definition we all have it to some degree. As humans we have a need to interact with others and feel approval by those around us. It becomes a problem when we inhibit our own personal growth becoming anxious over what others think.

If you find yourself trying too hard to please others or feel the need to have everybody like you, then here are a few tips to help.

1. The first one is realising that you can’t please everybody. Not everybody is going to like you. Now, I know that statement likely causes you to be anxious just reading it. What you need to do is come to a place of acceptance. Only by accepting you are perfect in yourself and there is only one person in this world qualified to be you, can you truly embrace the idea that you don’t need everybody to like you.

2. The second tip is to take time out everyday to meditate. Come to a place of peace within yourself. Try breathing in a circular motion, so don’t pause at the end of your inhale and exhale. Keep your breathing constant. Take deep comfortable breaths and don’t pause. The idea here is to listen to yourself. Get in touch with your most inner being and inner thoughts. You know the answers to your questions. It’s just a matter of quietening your mind to really hear what you need.

3. The third tip is to realise that you don’t need external validation or other people to tell you what you should do. What that will do is only give you more opinions to confuse you. Social anxiety naturally will have you asking people their opinion on the problems you face so you can feel validated. There is no right choice, only the right choice for you, and only you are qualified to make that choice. There is always a place for running ideas past people but if you are constantly seeking others approval for your life choices then you are not going to get anywhere.

Those 3 tips will help if you have social anxiety. Try practising meditation everyday for 20 minutes. If you can’t do that long at first, then start smaller and build up. The first time you try it, your mind will likely be everywhere and you will have trouble sitting still. Bear with it and give it a chance. Persistence is key. You will master your social anxiety and find inner peace to make the decisions that are right for you.

[ctt template=”6″ link=”fpl32″ via=”yes” ]”Social Anxiety is simply fear in disguise.”[/ctt]

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When You Are Feeling Confused About Your LIife Direction

We all experience tough times in our lives. Times of confusion. Times of upset. Times where we don’t know the correct path to travel.

Most of us believe there is something greater than us out there. A higher power to call upon when we need direction or comfort. Either God, the universe, or even our inner voice. Now is the time to seek that.

For those like me who tend to be over analytical, like to feel in control and need to know the answers right now, we can tend to get overwhelmed with both the small and big life choices.

In those times it’s important to remember that there is a perfect plan for our lives.[ctt template=”12″ link=”EzavR” via=”yes” ]God is in control and we can relax knowing that our life is on purpose and with a purpose. @mikeleembruggen[/ctt]

If you don’t know or feel that purpose within you yet, then take some time to start meditating and listen to what that purpose is. The answer is within you.

Life isn’t always going to go to your plan, but it is moving forward. The life lessons you need to learn are progressing and you are evolving.

Take comfort. Rest In yourself. Find that inner peace and trust you are on the right path. Life is a journey and you are in the best seat.

If you are still reading this article, then be encouraged. If you are looking for answers and feel confused about your day, your year ahead, or your life plan then take this as a sign that everything is in order. It’s no accident you are reading this.

It’s important to take notice of what the universe is telling us in daily life. Don’t gloss over seemingly insignificant things. Life may be trying to send you a message. Don’t ignore it. Ask God, the universe, or project questions that ask for signs on what you should do next.

“Seek and you shall find”

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I Am Not A Victim Of Mind Chatter. I Live In The Present

There are 3 rules to living fully.

1. Forgive
2. Realise “you are enough”
3. Be present

Being present means not dwelling on the past or future. Take each moment as it comes. Each moment is special. Each moment is worth your full attention.

We can often miss out on life’s great experiences because we are lost in our own minds thinking about things that may happen in the future or things we regret from the past.

[ctt template=”6″ link=”U56c1″ via=”no” ]Life is here for living. Be present.[/ctt]

As you start each day, be grateful for things in your life. Think about moments or things you are grateful for in the last 24 hours, the last week, or the last month. If you find yourself not being able to come up with anything, then it’s likely you have been too lost in your mind to appreciate moments as they happen.

– Time with your family
– Seeing your loved ones smile
– Taking a walk on the beach
– Breathing in the sea air
– Feeling intense love or connection with your partner
– Reading a new book
– Spending time with your friends
– Feeling value within yourself

There are a lot of things to feel grateful for when you stop and appreciate each moment. Our lives are not meant to be stressful. Our lives should be full of joy and positivity.

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind and think about what we are working for in the future, but it’s important to stop and notice life happening while you are in it.

Life changes. Things don’t always go to plan. Sometimes the future you are striving so hard for doesn’t pan out the way you expect. Realise these possibilities and make sure you are enjoying the journey as it happens.

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Life Lesson: Surrender Is More Powerful Than Control

This is such a seemingly simple phrase which can be taken so lightly but has so much potential to change your life. “Surrender is more powerful than control.”

My revelation of this came to me after exploring forgiveness, seeking direction for my life, and trying to figure out who I am and what I am on this earth for. It’s one of those things that seems obvious to everyone around you because they can judge you externally but if someone said that phrase to me twelve months ago, I wouldn’t have really grasped it’s meaning or paid much attention to it.

It’s only when you are seeking that you can truly embrace a new idea. It’s only then that you find revelation in something so simple. “Those who seek, shall find.” Read more

Why Bother With Positive Affirmations?

The thoughts you hold in your subconscious mind can significantly influence your success in life. Most of us have grown up in the world of negativity. We have received negative teachings about things in life from our friends, our relatives, and even from the media. Some of these negatives beliefs, for example, are like money is the cause of all evil, you lose your friends when you become rich e.t.c. These and other beliefs towards life prevent us you from attracting great things into our life. The good thing is that all these ideas can be modified.

An old man once asked this intriguing question. “If I start saying positive stuff to myself, won’t that make me delusional, particularly when I don’t think of them being true?” Now, do you think that this is interesting? Many of us tell things to ourselves or about ourselves continuously. For example, you may say, “I am stupid!” “I am always Clumsy!” “I always make stupid decisions!” And we tell ourselves these things so often until we start accepting them as FACTs. In reality, these are deceptions that we tell to ourselves. However, even if you know something is untrue, and continue repeating it to yourself more often. Eventually, you’ll start believing that it is true. This notion is particularly the case when a lot of emotion is fed into these thoughts as the case when we speak negative things to ourselves. Something that you don’t know, a negative self-talk comes in combination with a feeling of frustration, anger, resentment humiliation, etc. And often, it amounts to depression. All these emotions allow the self-talk to infiltrate the subconscious mind and they are hard to change.

According to Sherman & Cohen, (2006), “Many of these psychological adaptations can be thought of as defensive in nature, insofar as they alter the meaning of the event in a way that shields people from the conclusion that their beliefs or actions were misguided”( p.4.) Reciting these opinions over and over again is similar to seasoning meat. Think about rubbing seasoning toward a piece of meat and possibly even causing small incisions to help the seasoning penetrate farther into the flesh, as you impart flavor. However, your herbs and spices are bitter and pungent that when you taste the ready meat, it is not delicious.

The Benefits of Daily Affirmation

· You start becoming aware of your everyday words and thoughts hence decreasing the risk of letting in negative thoughts.

· You start getting more motivated in your life.

· Your life starts to get surrounded by things that are beneficial to you hence bringing more gifts and blessings.

· A daily practice contributes to keeping the small things track of smalls things and keeping them in perspective, and appreciate them.

· Positive affirmation boosts your health.

· Positive affirmation makes you keep focused on things that can help you.

· Writing positive affirmations help you remain in a perpetual state of gratitude.

· If you are going to replace the negative self-talk with positive affirmations on a daily basis and utilising positive affirmations more often, you will begin the progressive process of the re-conditioning the subconscious part of your brain.


The recovery work will take time, a lot of patience, and attention to detail. Once accomplished, it will not only produce enormous satisfaction to you, but it will also bring benefits to your life. So, persevere with your positive affirmations and finally they will get deep-rooted into the sub-conscious mind. The reward will be an improved self-image plus an abundant life.

How To Be Decisive When Your Emotions Are Taking Over

We all face this problem at some point in our lives, especially in relationships. When emotions are involved it makes it hard to think clearly and make decisions. Here are a few tips to help you come up with the right decision.

  1. Think about what your friends would suggest you do from their third person perspective.

    By putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes, we can start to think objectively about our situation and take the emotion out. What would your friends advise you to do in your situation? If you want to think about it slightly differently, what would you advise your friends if they were in a similar situation to you?

  2. Weigh up the pros and cons

    It will help you to physically write down the pros and cons of your decision to visually asses your options. This way you are reducing the stress on your brain trying to juggle everything all at once.

  3. Think about the consequences of each decision

    There is always consequences for every decision we make. This is about minimising risk. It’s important to recognise that we are going to make some mistakes in our lives and we shouldn’t be fearful of that. By thinking about the consequences of each decision you may see an option that reduces your potential risk and lets you take the next step.

  4. Stick to your guns

    Trust your instinct. Usually your first thought is the right one. Once you make the decision, stick to it. Back yourself. Try doing some light meditation to calm your mind and help you listen to your inner voice.

These are just a few tips you can use to help you make a logical and proactive decision when you feel your emotions are holding you captive.

Remember, these decisions are difficult for everybody as you have a lot of emotions to deal with not just in yourself, but possibly from someone else or numerous people. Follow these simple steps to help you move forward and make a decision that is right for you.

How To Change Your Reality By Identifying Your Thought Patterns

What happens to us in life is not what is “happening to us” at all. There is no point blaming or pointing the finger at someone or something else for our misfortunes.

We have the ability as highly potential beings to create the most wonderful experiences for ourselves in our lifetime, or alternatively fill our lives with strife and hardship.

It’s not simply a matter of positive affirmations or trying to reduce negative emotions by focusing on the good things in our life. There is more to it.

We do actually have the power to change reality. By understanding and exploring our inner beliefs, emotions, and reactions to situations we can learn to understand how we are perceiving reality and make changes to impact our world.

To start with, think about the concept of “There is no good or bad”, there simply “is”. Our definition of what is good or bad is our perception formed by our inner beliefs and programming. A belief is something told to us that we accepted.

If you are feeling like your life is boring or unfulfilling, could you imagine how much your life would change if you decided to uproot yourself tomorrow and go live in a different country. Would that change your belief?

It would definitely change your situation, but possibly not your inner belief that your life is boring. What you need to do is identify the underlying thought pattern that makes you believe your life is boring. This is called “mindfulness”. Practicing mindfulness arms you with the tools to hunt your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. It allows you to become more aware of your inner beliefs.

As you take notice and observe these thoughts and notice how the mind uses your thoughts to generate beliefs, you will be able to determine which beliefs are genuine and which aren’t. You are no longer living on auto-pilot as a prisoner to your own mind. You will literally be able to change the way you think through consistent mindfulness practice.

What can you do today to change your reality?

The first thing is to listen to yourself.

“We learn our belief systems as very little children, and then we move through life creating experiences to match our beliefs. Look back in your own life and notice how often you have gone through the same experience.” -Louise L. Hay

To identify your beliefs and thought patterns, try to observe your reactions to situations when they happen as if you were someone else simply standing nearby. Specifically identify your speech and the specific words you use. What you speak is a correlation to what you think.

Think of yourself as having a front and back cover. The front is what we portray to others and the outside world. The back cover is what we really think about ourselves. The aim here is to find out more about our back cover. What do we really think about ourselves?


The Top 5 Mantras To Instantly Boost Your Positivity And Get You Out Of That Rut

Looking for a dose of positivity to lift you from the rut that is your day-to-day grind?

You’re not alone. We all get stuck sometimes and need motivation to get us from whatever hole we may be in at a particular time.

A mantra is a phrase or word that triggers transformation. The main purpose of a mantra is to evoke the enlightenment state and release you from your illusions.

Here’s what mantras do:

  • Help you take charge of your mind, especially during meditation.
  • Help you to get into or focus on the right state of mind.
  • Use visualisation to reach the desired effect.
  • Rouse auto-suggestions to your subconscious.

If you feel like something is holding you back from reaching the next level, use these five mantras to motivate you. Simply repeat these mantras in your head as you
meditate or as you work out.

1. “I am resilient.”

This mantra is especially powerful when you are going through a particularly hard time. Whether it is a breakup, job loss, or a cash crunch, this mantra helps to push
you to persist.

You have overcome a lot of things in life; you can surely overcome your current situation. That’s basically what this mantra is about; to convince yourself that you have the resilience to bounce back from whatever situation that put you down.

2. “If its not challenging enough, it will not change me.”

If any experience in life is comfortable for you, it will never change you. Most good things are born out of extremely challenging (and sometimes painful) circumstances. This is the story of many successful people the world over.

When you feel challenged, down, and almost out, that might be a good sign that you need to make a change. You need to face the next challenge. You need to muster the courage to experience pain or discomfort before you can move to something bigger, somewhere better.

3. “I will never know how far I can go unless I try.”

One of the most powerful motivational mantras ever. If you had to choose one and only one mantra to get you out of your rut, this would be it. It is plain, simple, and straightforward yet extremely powerful.

You need to take that leap today, to put yourself out there and see what’s waiting for you on the other side. Without taking the first step, you will never know. Take
that step today.

4. “If opportunity doesn’t knock, I will build a door.”

If you’re always waiting for opportunities to come your way, you might forever remain stuck. Sometimes it’s up to you to shape your own future. Not your dad. Not your mum. Not your friends. And certainly not your girlfriend or boyfriend.

5. “Yes I Can.”

This mantra supposedly got a person elected as president, so now you know its power. On a serious note, “yes you can” can work like a switch. It can flip a negative moment into a positive, hopeful one in an instant. Just repeat to yourself “yes you can” and then your brain and body will quickly oblige.

Wrapping Up

These powerful phrases should help you make a change and snap out of that rut today. Stick to one or two that really fire you up. Now you have the power to get you to the next level.