When You’re Struggling To Meditate

You’ve probably heard it, know about it, or have tried it at some point. Meditation is a great way to calm your mind, listen to your inner voice and gain focus. It can be challenging at times though, especially when you are starting out.

If you’re anything like me, you find it hard to turn off the noise that is in your head.

Here’s a tip: Search YouTube for “guided meditation” and you will find numerous videos which you can listen to and help get you into that zen state.

Some videos have people talking over calming music. Use these to learn about different ways to think or focus while you are meditating. I like the business and life success ones. There are a lot that focus on that.

Typically I lie down on my bed with palms facing up and get comfortable. I put my earphones in which cuts out all external noise distractions, load YouTube on my phone, and close my eyes.

The two that I am enjoying at the moment focus on a particular audio frequency. There is a lot of research and science behind these frequencies which is fascinating. I am enjoying the sounds of these two audio’s and I find they really do work for me. They aren’t just a solid tone either like you may think. It’s definitely not boring to listen to.

The first one I listen to in the morning or during the day before I get into work. It’s called DNA Upgrade. The frequency is 528Hz which is called the miracle frequency. It’s only 20 minutes long which is perfect for getting into the habit of meditation and giving yourself a relatively quick boost of focus and clarity.

The second audio focuses on the frequency of 432Hz and is a sleep meditation audio. This one is an hour in length but I’m not sure I’ve ever been conscious until the end of the audio. I find it puts me into a deep sleep very quickly. I usually wake up some time during the night with my earphones still in.

Try listening to these audio files for yourself and see if they make a difference for you. It’s best to try these over a period of time rather than just once off. It may take you some time to appreciate it and get into the vibe.

Write your comments below on what you experience while listening to these audio’s. I noticed when I first started that after listening to the 528Hz audio I could feel my arms and fingers vibrating for a good 10 minutes after. It was as if the audio tuned my body into the frequency to the point I could physically feel it. Take notice of the small things. Don’t write them off. It all means something.

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