Things you Should Not Do After a Breakup

Picture this, your ex has parted ways with you. He or She has just told you the three popular words “It Is Over” , to exacerbate it she has moved on! To be honest, this is one of the most alarming circumstances to be in as a man or woman.

Obviously, as time ticks by you start to acknowledge that your ex meant the world to you. How enamored with her you truly were. In this way, one day you choose to take a risk, to get your ex back. You figure the most effortless approach to this is to send her a “can-we-talk” text-message to determine whether she has the same feelings for you. In this way, you do it. You haul out your telephone, sort in a sweet SMS, send it to her and you end up getting such a reply. ” Hi, too bad I am dating another person and I am so happy with him!

Phew! Should you decide to overlook that? Or will you persist to get your girlfriend back?

There are some deadly mistakes that people make after a relationship breakup. Based on your past experiences, you will try to use everything to try to get your ex to stay. Begging, stalking, smothering them with
affection, jealousy and sometimes even anger and abuse. The reason why most people make these mistakes is because in their mind, pleading, begging and being desperate seem like the most logical thing to do.

Things you Should Not Do After a Breakup

After a relationship breakup there are certain things that you should totally refrain from doing. They will rip off your dignity. Some items on
the agenda are quite obvious:-

  • Don’t wallow in self pity,
  • Don’t drunk dial your ex,
  • Don’t try to make people feel sorry for you that you are wallowing in self-pity and drunk-dialed your ex.
  • Don’t smother your ex with too much affection.


Why Smothering is Potentially Harmful after A Break up

Smothering your ex after a relationship breakup, and showering her with overrated displays of affection through myriads of emails and text messages will not be effective. It will only make matters worse. At this point, your ex knows how you feel; it would be great now to give her a break to figure out how she feels. Your ex needs to complete the assessment going on at her end before she makes her mind on the next move. She’s judging how you handle the time apart. Use the time apart to work on yourself, mentally and physically. Go through the motions of moving on, even if you still hold hopes of reconnecting. Let her wonder what you’re doing without her and whether you’re dating someone else.

What You Should Do to Win Your Ex Back

You have refrained from all the above elements, time has lapsed and you feel its the right time to have that talk. What should you do?

1.Attempt to fix what turned out badly

After your ex has had some breathing space, you can now think of how you can mend the relationship. Connections frequently end in a hurricane of uncertainty and sharp allegation. You most likely said a couple of things you didn’t mean, and she battled back. Since you’ve had a tiny bit of time to consider what’s been lost, you know you need her back. On the off chance that you put your heart and brain to it, you’ll have the capacity to win her over once more. Altering whatever turned out badly in any case can be all it takes to demonstrate that you’ve changed.

2.Tell your ex sorry

Whether you said a final farewell to her, or she parted ways with you, a conciliatory sentiment is quite often all together. A statement of regret demonstrates her that you’re equipped for gulping your ego, and that you mind enough to advise her you weren’t right. Set a period to meet in an open spot, or a place that you know she’ll feel great. At the point when the timing is right, say: “I know I committed a few errors, and I needed to assume full responsibility. I shouldn’t have done [whatever it is you did] to you, and I feel horrendous at this point. Yet, the greatest oversight I made was losing you. I don’t expect anything from you, I simply need you to realize that.” This way you are deemed to win your ex back.

What if your Ex Slaps your Apology?

If the worst happens, and your ex says she doesn’t love you anymore, don’t try to convince her to love you with rational reasons. Don’t smother her with details of why you’re perfect for her. Don’t peddle your love to her. Maintain your dignity. Simply walk away and save yourself the embarrassment. Not every love is meant to last forever. If you’ve done your best, and communicated your feelings, it’s time to move on.