The Top 5 Mantras To Instantly Boost Your Positivity And Get You Out Of That Rut

Looking for a dose of positivity to lift you from the rut that is your day-to-day grind?

You’re not alone. We all get stuck sometimes and need motivation to get us from whatever hole we may be in at a particular time.

A mantra is a phrase or word that triggers transformation. The main purpose of a mantra is to evoke the enlightenment state and release you from your illusions.

Here’s what mantras do:

  • Help you take charge of your mind, especially during meditation.
  • Help you to get into or focus on the right state of mind.
  • Use visualisation to reach the desired effect.
  • Rouse auto-suggestions to your subconscious.

If you feel like something is holding you back from reaching the next level, use these five mantras to motivate you. Simply repeat these mantras in your head as you
meditate or as you work out.

1. “I am resilient.”

This mantra is especially powerful when you are going through a particularly hard time. Whether it is a breakup, job loss, or a cash crunch, this mantra helps to push
you to persist.

You have overcome a lot of things in life; you can surely overcome your current situation. That’s basically what this mantra is about; to convince yourself that you have the resilience to bounce back from whatever situation that put you down.

2. “If its not challenging enough, it will not change me.”

If any experience in life is comfortable for you, it will never change you. Most good things are born out of extremely challenging (and sometimes painful) circumstances. This is the story of many successful people the world over.

When you feel challenged, down, and almost out, that might be a good sign that you need to make a change. You need to face the next challenge. You need to muster the courage to experience pain or discomfort before you can move to something bigger, somewhere better.

3. “I will never know how far I can go unless I try.”

One of the most powerful motivational mantras ever. If you had to choose one and only one mantra to get you out of your rut, this would be it. It is plain, simple, and straightforward yet extremely powerful.

You need to take that leap today, to put yourself out there and see what’s waiting for you on the other side. Without taking the first step, you will never know. Take
that step today.

4. “If opportunity doesn’t knock, I will build a door.”

If you’re always waiting for opportunities to come your way, you might forever remain stuck. Sometimes it’s up to you to shape your own future. Not your dad. Not your mum. Not your friends. And certainly not your girlfriend or boyfriend.

5. “Yes I Can.”

This mantra supposedly got a person elected as president, so now you know its power. On a serious note, “yes you can” can work like a switch. It can flip a negative moment into a positive, hopeful one in an instant. Just repeat to yourself “yes you can” and then your brain and body will quickly oblige.

Wrapping Up

These powerful phrases should help you make a change and snap out of that rut today. Stick to one or two that really fire you up. Now you have the power to get you to the next level.